Tiong Seng Holdings Real Estate Developer

Founded in the year 1959, the Tiong Seng Holdings is a developmental company which was formed by two individuals namely Lee Tuan and Mr. Pek Tuan. Before they came up with the idea to establish a partnership company, the two had earlier formed mutual business ties.

The company started by dealing with two major development works namely excavation and earthworks. The Tiong Seng undertook several projects during its earlier periods especially projects from the public sector. These were the projects that have been the key to developing current developed Singapore.

Tiong Seng Holdings Development Company

The developmental company advanced towards civil engineering in the start of 1970. It specialized in dealing with various infrastructures such as major bridges, roads, and sewage pipes. Tiong Seng Holdings also undertook the project of making the popular Central Expressway and some of the initial highways in Singapore.

By the year 1980, the company has shifted into bigger developmental projects. It made Gate 2 which is one of the biggest gates among the four popular gates found in the port of Singapore. In the same year, the company undertook several government projects such as building schools.

Tiong Seng Holdings China Real Estate Developer

The company has so far expanded its real estate development to many parts of the world especially in China. This hallmark was facilitated by its project into Xiamen which formed a good basis for its expansion into the bigger china. As of today, the development company owns several real estate ventures in Yangzhou and Tianjin.

Besides China, the company has extended to other parts such as Vietnam and India. It is worthy remembered that Tiong Seng constructed its first hotel project in the Meritus hotel found in China. By the year 2013, Tiong Seng developmental company had expanded to make precast building properties in Myanmar.

Tiong Sneg Holdings Residential Property

The development company began to constrict private residential in the year 1997. Its first construction project was the Guilin view residential property. Since then, the company has gone an extra mile in constructing a number of both commercial and residential projects. Examples of the most outstanding ones are the Park Royal hotel and Resort World Sentosa in Singapore.

In the year 2002, Tiong Seng Holdings extended its residential projects by using the precast. The precast technology has seen the company goes extra miles when undertaking its projects. It is worthy to note that the Tiong Seng company became listed in the stock exchange entities in Singapore in 2010. The company also started its first precast plant in 2013.

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