Sloane Court Hotel Enbloc

The historical landmark on Balmoral Road, Sloane Court Hotel, was a hotel of great pride and has a very jolly history attached to it. The land on which the hotel stands was purchased by the Hainanese Businessman, Mr. ChiamHeng Luan in the 1950s with the purpose of building apartments. At first, the spot turned into a guest house and remained that way up until the 1960s. Then, when the founder introduced a hotel and a bar, it was eventually turned into a hotel.

Former Sloane Court Hotel Enbloc

At first, the Hainanese businessman advertised the hotel on the streets by informing the public that accommodations were being provided. The business seemed to be doing excellent from the very first day itself. Then, when the guest house was ready to turn into a full-fledged hotel, Mr. Chiam asked his friend Stanley Foster of Fosters Steakhouse, to help him redesign the hotel.
Mr. Brown, a frequent visitor, loved Mr. Chaim so much that in those days, he sent them two England-made tapestries as a birthday gift. The restaurant in the Sloane Court Hotel has been fully operational for over 50 years and is still considered a great place to celebrate occasions while comfortably tending to a large number of guests. The new development is now called Sloane Residences and is located next to Balmoral Road.

Owner for Former Sloane Court Hotel

Mr. Chaim was the father to ten children, and for the eldest, Madam Mary Chaim, there are a lot of fond memories associated with the land. She reminisces and talks about how the children used to skip in the gardens which were filled with flowers and fruit bearing trees. The family also celebrated numerous occasions on the same property.
But as all great stories must come to an end, so does this one. The Sloane Court Hotel and an adjoining piece of land have been sold TSky Development and the deal was valued for $80.5 million. The land is to be redeveloped into a 12-story 80-unit condominium sometime next year. The property will cease to be a hotel from the 28th of November 2018 onwards, and the restaurant and bar will be torn down sometime next year.

Former Sloane Court Hotel History

Madam Mary Chaim talks about how painful it is for her to part with this property since it has been a part of her life since she was 10 years old. The children had to let go of this business since they were all busy with their own lives and as time passed, no one showed the same passion and enthusiasm which their father, Mr. Chaim showed.
A land with so many positive memories attached to it will continue to create wonderful memories for another family. Since it is a condominium, it may spread to all the inhabitants of that building.

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