Ocean sky international is fully private real estate firm with its head office in Singapore, Ocean Sky International has its potfolio in real estate development, civil engineering and related services. Ocean Sky International has been in the business of civil engineering and construction for about 3 decades no wonder it was able to spread its portfolio into creating solutions to thousands of customers over the last thirty years. In the thirty years of its operation Ocean Sky International have also been involved in property management, development and investment. With a subsidiary in Ang Tong Seng Brothers Enterprises Pte Ltd. (ATS), Ocean Sky International has been able to bring innovative building solutions to its thousands of clients in various sectors of the economy.

Ocean Sky International Real Estate Properties

Ocean Sky International has over 2700 real estate properties in its portfolio. From inception, we pride ourselves as the specialists in property management and our excellent track record speaks highly of us in the industry in Singapore.

When it comes to civil engineering services we are the pride of the industry in Singapore with over 8000 major projects successfully completed across the length and breadth of Singapore, with customer base in the banking and insurance, education and commerce, tourism and entertainment, leisure and hospitality. We have demonstrated through the quality of our services why we are number one choice for investors and why we keep expanding our stronghold.

Ocean Sky International Services in Singapore

Ocean Sky International provides services in the engineering services sector of the Singapore economy such as road work, earth work, drainage and basement work, structural works such as demolition and underground infrastructure. We have ensured quality service delivery with the aid of our state of the art equipment and personnel. Ocean Sky International is a customer focused company with dedicated staff and with strong leadership dedicated to excellence we have ensured utmost satisfaction for our customers.
Experience as they say is the best teacher, over the years Ocean Sky International has carried out very challenging projects for customers in various industries and in some of the most difficult terrain you can think of, these experiences with the cooperation of our customers has ensured that Ocean Sky International maintain its leadership role in the building and civil engineering field.
Ocean Sky International has over the years invested massively in the recruitment process of our firm to ensure that only the best and most dedicated of young people are employed to join our team. Despite this, we go a long way to invest in the training and retraining of our staff to keep pace with global best practices. Ocean Sky International Has over 2000 staff engaged in the services of our company.

Ocean Sky International Investment Portfolio

Ocean Sky International has a huge investment portfolio in the Singaporean stock exchange, the investor confidence in our stocks over the last 4 quarters further confirms the outstanding leadership position that Ocean Sky International has attained over the last thirty years. Ocean Sky International is involved in the lease of landed properties in Cambodia. Ocean Sky International is delicately poised for even bigger things in the future to further consolidate our leadership position in the real estate, investment, civil engineering and construction industry as we look forward to expanding our operations into even more cities around the world.