Newton Food Centre at Newton MRT Station

Newton Food Centre, situated in Newtown, Singapore happens to be a major food hub. The STB (Singapore Tourism Board) was responsible for promoting this center as a tourist destination for sampling delicious Singaporean delicacies. It was opened first in 1971 and was closed down in the year 2005 in order to be refurbished by the authorities. Following this, there was a major revamp of this food hub and it was finally reopened on 1st July 2006.

Newton Food Centre at Newton MRT Station

At the time of the refurbishments, Newton Food Centre was shifted temporarily to an open area close to along Bukit Timah Road. However, significant losses were suffered by the store owners because of the low turnover as compared to the previous site. On top of this, due to the lack of any parking facility, some motorists were forced to unlawfully park their vehicles alongside the roads close to the temporary food hub. After becoming aware of the situation, the cops set up barriers so as to prevent any unlawful parking on the roadside and they also persuaded the vehicle owners to park at the parking lot of the food center. The stall owners went back to the new food hub from the temporary one once the renovations were accomplished.

Newton Food Centre Close to Balmoral Road

This newly constructed food center sticks to the design elements from the outdated colonial residences nearby. Newton Food Centre color scheme happens to be white, brown and black while the ceilings are 7 m in height thus allowing proper ventilation as well as a cooler environment. Some of the customers sitting in the open area will get protection in times of heavy downpour thanks to the huge umbrellas intended for providing shade; however, these don’t actually protect the buyers from the shower since the rain trickles on their couch as compared to the earlier food center where customers enjoyed more sitting capacity even though it might be raining.

Newton Food Centre 83 Stalls Located in this Hawker Centre

Besides all these facilities, blinds are also available for the customers which will offer additional shade from the sizzling afternoon sun. You’ll come across as many as 83 stalls in this area which are arranged in an innovative horseshoe configuration and likewise feature the identical hawkers that prepared the sumptuous local favorites including satay, fishball noodles, popiah, as well as fried oyster omelet. Besides this, CCTVs have also been set up. Moreover, there are new spaces available for the buskers to perform and amuse the buyers as well. Furthermore, small flea markets can likewise be constructed.

Newton Food Centre at Core City Centre

In excess of 50 flower species including wedelia creepers, pink frangipani, and several palm species have been planted within the food hub area particularly around the seats at the core of the hawker center as well as the main entrance. These plants have helped to re-create a unique plantation experience for the customers here.

Newtown Food Centre food sellers have been criticized by the local inhabitants primarily because of average food quality as well as overpricing despite the fact that the STB has endorsed the hub for sampling Singaporean dishes. In fact, there have been some incidents of harassing the clients by over-zealous stall owners at the food center in the past.

6 tourists from America were billed $491 on 14th March 2009 for consuming food at Tanglin’s Best BBQ Seafood. The stall was imposed a ban for 3 months by the National Environment Agency and its assistant was also prohibited from working there for as many as 5 years.

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