Food Choices at Newton Food Centre

Newton Food Centre is a prominent joint that offers a wide range of cuisines in Singapore. When you visit the centre, you won’t miss getting food of your choice, thanks to the fact that it has over 100 stalls to quench your hunger.

Generally, the Newton Food Centre was established in 1971 with the aim to attract tourist from different parts of the world. However, in 2005, the joint was closed down for major renovations and was re-opened again in July 2006.

Tourist Flock to Newton Food Centre

Today, many tourists flock the site to have a taste of Singaporean cuisines that are revered for their intense natural aroma. If you are a visitor touring Singapore, do not leave the country before taking some time to travel around Newton to satisfy your appetite. Newton Food Centre is located near to Slone Residences by Tiong Seng Holdings and Ocean Sky International.

In the year 2005, the food joint was closed down for renovations to match the growing needs of visitors-both locals and foreigners. During the period, the center was shifted for the time being to a nearby location, then, next to Bukit Timah Road.

Stall Owners for Newton Food Centre

Unfortunately, almost all the stall owners incurred heavy losses due to low turnover after the relocation of the site to a new open space. Furthermore, the lack of mandatory utilities, such as parking spaces forced motorists to park vehicles illegally along the roadside next to the Food Centre. The move compelled the police to set up barricades to stop vehicle owners from parking automobiles along the road. Stall owners returned to their previous location after the revamps.

Before the overhaul, the food centre was out of shape and could not adequately protect the users against elements of weather. The good news is that after restoration the site regained its lost glory in the food industry.

Colours for Newton Food Centre

The choice of colors: white, black, and brown complemented well with the structure. Also, the ceiling is about seven meters high to enhance free circulation of air and promote cooler surroundings regardless of the time of the year. Blinds were also installed to ensure that clients are safeguarded from the scorching sun, especially in the afternoons. Additionally, the location features about 100 stalls systematized in a horseshoe pattern, and each stall owner cooks food based on his own-style to come up with local cuisines like satay, popiah, fried oyster, fishball noodles and so on.

It features generous spaces for buskers who play an essential role in entertaining patrons from time to time. With over 50 species of flora to color your world, you are guaranteed an environment similar to that of Mother Nature. Such a spectacular look will enrich your memories with a unique plantation feel.

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