Bukit Timah Road Near to Sloane Residences

In many cases, roads usually are taken for granted. They are just there to be used, but their importance is considered as a usual part of life that should not have to be acknowledged by many.

Honestly there are many roads across the globe, however there are those that are extra ordinary to people’s way of life. These are the types of roads that many people look forward to seeing, not because of their reputation and fame but also because of their history, cultural and economic importance. One of such roads which conjures excitements and wonder is the Bukit Timah Road in Singapore. Sloane Residences is located near to Bukit Timah Road as well. It is the former Sloane Court Hotel that was enbloc.

Bukit Timah Road Near to Sloane Residences

Bukit Timah Road is one of the oldest and most common road found in Singapore which runs from the city centre to the Woodland Roads all the way to Johor Bahru Malaysia. According to historicity, this road is known to be the longest road in the country with over fifteen miles.

But what makes Bukit Timah Road, to be classified as one the most iconic road in Singapore?

Outdoor Activities at Bukit Timah Road

One of them is that, the road offers a venturesome mountain Bike Trail experience. Bukit Timah Road is a famous mountain bike loop which rings around the famous Bukit Timah Hill, Bukit Timah nestles between Diary farm road and the Hinhinde Park. The road is located within the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve area that offers a wonderful and right mix of misty and rocky terrain, dotted land to bike on and also stretching hikes and slopes that challenge and improve your biking skills.

Connection to Other Roads from Bukit Timah Road

Another wonderful feature of this road is its highway system. Bukit Timah Road branches into two roads at the Newton Circus, to form the west-bound and eastbound roads which straddle a canal along their lengths. Along this road it has major junctions for example to the northern end is the Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu while to the Southern end is the Little India Kallang junctions. All these main junctions make Bukit Timah Road a modern roads. And along thus high way there are amazing businesses exciting sceneries like the Ten mile junction shopping mall, Bukit Timah planning area all these leave great memories for you when using the road for the first time.

Finally, it’s by all means a wonderful and great excitement to pay a visit to Bukit Timah Road when you tour Singapore as it is the biggest way to live the world’s most venturesome Singapore Mountain Bike experience trails among other mentioned features that you can not afford to miss.

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