Balmoral Road Near to Bukit Timah

Singapore is a country that has thousands of captivating places that are worth touring over this coming festive season. If you have never been to Singapore before, you do not have to worry because this guide is drafted purposely for you. In this guide, we will focus on Balmoral Road, which is in the heart of Bukit Timah District 10. While at Bukit Timah, you will only trek for about ten minutes to reach the next MRT station, which is popularly known as Newton MRT. The Newton MRT station is situated close to new luxury condos as well as building sites.

Amenities Near to Balmoral Road Bukit Timah

What makes the place stand out is that it has classy apartments featuring spacious rooms which are not only affordable but also strategically positioned along the road to enable you to move in and out of the building with a lot of ease, while saving you a great deal of time.

Right close to your facade door are some utilities which include Two-dentists, Balmoral Plaza, The Big Bird, Bojangles, Waffletown, Smiths Fish and Chips, 7-Eleven, the Straight wines Company, Traditional Balinese Massage, Mathematics and English cram school and more. All these facilities were put in place to make your stay here cozy and enriching.

Balmoral Plaza Near to Balmoral Road

During the weekend if you are at Balmoral Road, you can decide to visit various places depending on taste and preference. For instance, you can walk along the street to the village people music video or even Balmoral Plaza to get yourself a Spizza.

Moreover, you may consider taking your entire family to Max and Mia, on a tadpole-spotting tour along the condo fishpond. Here you stand a chance to interact with a Singaporean citizen who can guide you through the streets while helping you understand and appreciate the cultural ways of Singaporean people.

Most people you will meet in the streets have casual attire that comprises a reflective jacket, construction hat and Go lollipop symbol.

Places Near to Balmoral Road

There are some places near to Balmoral Road you can stop over to have fun, especially if you are a guest who loves traveling. These incredible places include the Screening Room bar, which is a 2-hour walk around Little India Chinatown, situated along the Ann Siang Road, and Kenko Fish Spa next to Tanglin Road.

The botanic garden is another place that you should never miss to tour whenever you are in District 10. Note that the site is enticing and kid-friendly to make everyone feel at home. If your children are hungry, buy the pizza or pasta, a dessert, and a drink at the cost of $ 8 only.

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