Sloane Residences Project Information

Project NameSloane Residences
Address of DevelopmentBalmoral Road Singapore
Project Developer
TSky Development
(Tiong Seng Holdings and Ocean Sky International)
TenureEstate in Fee Simple (Freehold)
Site Area38,943 sqft
Gross Floor Area62,308 sqft
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of Storeys12
No of Units80 Units
TOPTo Be Advised

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Location of Sloane Residences

Sloane Residences is a new freehold development located right in the heart of Balmoral Road by Tiong Seng Holdings and Ocean Sky International. The two developers are both listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange and Sloane Residences is the former Sloane Court Hotel Enbloc that had been successfully bought over by TSky Development which consist of the 2 developers for the plot of land. Combining the next door small plot of land, Sloane Residences will feature an exclusive core city centre condo that is close to many amenities in the Newton area as well as the shopping centres in the Orchard area.

Sloane Residences Balmoral Road

Sloane Residences Balmoral Road has full and unique facilities, which includes a guard house, clubhouse, function room, indoor gym, tennis court, 50m swimming pool, sun deck, BBQ pits & children’s playground. The condo’s facilities provide full family entertainment needs for your family and loved ones. Indulge in a serene and tranquil lifestyle right in the heart of the city in Balmoral Road. Tiong Seng Holdings via Yuan Ching Pte. which is its fully owned subsidiary, has a 60 percent in the TSky Development joint venture while the remaining 40 percent of the stake is owned by Ocean Sky through Arctic Sky Investment. The Tsky Development team entered a deal to buy the hotel and the adjoining piece of land.

Sloane Residences location represents an ideally located plot of land that is near to many amenities. Recently, there are many enbloc deals that have been successfully closed and these plot of lands are spread out into many different districts in Singapore. However, this recent enbloc by Tiong Seng Holdings and Ocean Sky International is located at the core city centre and therefore making it one of the better located developments in the core city centre. Also, it is noted that the hotel owners resisted selling the hotel previously in the upturn market previously.

Old Style Sloane Court Hotel Enbloc

Sloane Residences former Sloane Court Hotel is a combination of 2 adjacent plots of land which is the former old style Sloane Court Hotel together with a small plot of land next to it. The combined plot of land will have a total of 38,943sqft of land size as well as a plot ratio of 1.6. Based on the plot ratio of 1.6, an estimated 80 units can be constructed on the plot of land.

Core City Centre Condos Highly Sought After

Recently, it is being established that core city centre condos are highly sought after as traditionally, core city centre condos have more upside potential in an increasing real estate market. With the flood of capital into the real estate market due to the recent enbloc buyers who are being displaced from their homes, these buyers are looking for a place to stay and will be looking to buy up properties soon. These enbloc buyers could be looking for core city centre condos they are cash rich and maybe looking at core city centre condos if they are leveraging to a higher quantum. Also, based on statistics, core city centre condos also tend to retain their value better especially the freehold ones as there is genuine demand from investors and home stayers alike.

Tiong Seng Holdings Real Estate Company in Singapore

Tiong Seng Holdings Limited is a real estate company located in Singapore. The Company is involved in offering civil engineering, building, and construction and development of property services. Tiong Seng Holdings Limited main fragment is the construction that entails acting as the main contractors in providing construction services and construction projects especially to developers of the properties in both the public and private sectors. Property development relates to sales and development of properties and involves the investment in rental properties and machinery and plant, and selling of goods which entails selling of construction patented Cobiax technology.

Tiong Seng Holdings Construction Services and Knowledge

Tiong Seng Holdings have been offering the best and most high-quality construction services for the last 50 years. This has built our confidence in our services delivery and it has been the source of the company’s motivation and inspiration. The wide range of Tiong Seng competencies is perfectly demonstrated within the company and its auxiliaries. This related knowledge helps in building a more comprehensive point of view towards our projects and avail more contingencies for breakthroughs.

Tiong Seng Holdings New Technology

When it comes to innovation, Tiong Seng Holdings are on a constant lookout for the most appropriate ways or new technologies to meet our set objectives or improve the work. For our company, the crux of integrating innovation and Rigour is to make use of the right innovations and get them into our processes and planning. Tiong Seng Holdings utilize the ways successfully, we have made sufficient knowledge in sharing the best part of our culture. In every project, we systematize and share the already learned lessons in our management of the knowledge system which paves way for co-workers to reap know-how from one another.

Ocean Sky International Real Estate Developer

Ocean Sky International group is real estate company that is involved in Construction and Engineering Business. The group enjoys 100{4e8395d227c83016aebfd66ab2777c7bce00f19bfc6d9014b06b1cbc31b596d5} ownership construction and civil engineering subsidiary by Ang Tong Seng Enterprises PTE Ltd (ATS). ATS offers various civil engineering works for instance drainage, roadwork, structural works, basement work, and earthwork.

Ocean Sky International Real Estate Management

Ocean Sky International has gained tremendous success in real estate management. It prides in making a significant impact in the housing industry both in Cambodia and Singapore. In these two countries, Ocean Sky International takes part in many development projects including Eco Garden Mall Project which is a 71-unit mall development project standing on at least 9,185 square meters of land. In addition, the project has incorporated some significant partners like Centra Properties and CIAC Investment in Cambodia’s province, Kandai.

Ocean Sky International Projects in Singapore

Other projects that is in Singapore include a Nim Drive condo that  entails turning the property that had been leased for 999 years into a luxury residential property. This is to take place in Nim Drive situated in Singapore. One of the most anticipated projects.

Ocean Sky International value its employees and these values are highly esteemed by every member of this Civil engineering and real estate group. Every employee upload the core values and Ocean Sky International is able to gain value for its stake holders by coming up with new ideas for enhanced competitiveness. Ocean Sky international strives to come up with problem-solving ideas for their clients. This determination has made its stay relevant to date.

Sloane Residences Former Sloane Court Hotel Enbloc

Sloane Residences Condo is also strategically located with many shopping centres located around in the vicinity. For example, the popular Shaw Centre, Shaw House as well as Tang’s Plaza are located near to Sloane Residences. Sloane Residences Freehold Condo is also located near to Singapore Botanical Gardens as well Newton Food Centre where you can spend plenty of quality time with you family.

Sloane Residences will be accessible with Newton MRT Station which is just a few minutes walk away from Sloane Residences. For owners who are traveling to the city, Sloane Residences is located right next to Central Expressway (CTE).

Sloane Residences Near to Schools and Academic Institutions

When looking for a development for own stay, it might be advantageous to find developments which are near to schools as it is well known that sometimes Primary Schools prefer to enroll students who are living near to the development. It will be advantageous for students who are trying to get to their dream school to be within 1KM from the educational institution. Also, some schools only accept students whose families can do community work and fuifill the 1 kilometres criteria of staying near. Sloane Residences Ocean Sky International is perfectly located near to many schools and educational institutions and this means that your children does not have to travel far to reach their schools and more time can be spent on their studies as well as resting at home. Sloane Residences is also near elite schools such as Singapore Chinese Girl’s School, St Joseph’s Institution and Anglo Chinese School. Other schools there is of your choice include the below Melbourne Specialist International School, Farrer Park Primary School, St. Joseph’s Institution, Chatsworth International School, Eton House Pre-School, LASALLE College of the Arts, ISS International School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, Anglo-Chinese School (Primary), ACS Junior, Nanyang Primary School, Hwa Chong International School, Saint Margaret’s Primary School. Sloane Residences is also near to many Hotels which provide additional facilities and amenities such as YOTEL Singapore, The Elizabeth Hotel, Goodwood Park Hotel, Sheraton Towers Singapore, Orchard Hotel Singapore, York Hotel Singapore, The Quincy Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.

Country Clubs Near to Sloane Residences

Sloane Residence is located in the upscale Balmoral Road area which is close to the established Orchard and Newton area. This area belongs to the core city centre in Singapore where successful individuals gather together to exchange contacts and build up their social network. For these social events, Sloane Residences location is located near to many prestigious clubs such as Raffles Town Club, The Tanglin Club, The American Club. These prestigious clubs offer a place to gather with your friends and acquaintances with many of the facilities offered at the clubs for a good gathering and meeting.

Sloane Residences Showflat and Preview Dates

Sloane Residences Showflat will be available for viewing soon. There will be different layouts available at the showflat location to allow buyers to see and visualize the different layouts available for your consideration. The showflat will come with interior designs and furnishings to present some layout ideas on how the buyers can place their furniture in their new home. Sloane Residences showflat will also showcase some modifications to their unit layouts to illustrate that minor modifications can be made to their unit to customize to each preferences. This will allow investors to change the unit layout to their lifestyle preferences making Sloane Residences a highly versatile development with different landscapes and design available. There will be a 1 Bedroom layout to allow for investors who are looking for a small layout for investment and rental. 3 Bedroom showflat will also be available as there will be buyers looking more for own stay and therefore will be looking at a bigger layout. There will be also bankers located at the showflat to serve you. The bankers will be here to access your loan amount and provide you with an In-Principal Approval (IPA) of your loan amount. Therefore, buyers can guage the price of the unit which they will ultimately be booking at. A note also that the banker will be able to check whether there will be any CPF usage limit such as the CPF Minimum Sum as well as the Withdrawl Limit for your consideration.

Sloane Residences Near to Supermarkets Added Convenience

One of the leading factors when choosing a private property is that it must be near to amenities for your daily necessities. Access to grocery stores and supermarkets are very important so that time is not wasted traveling to other area to get your daily groceries. If a supermarket is near to your home, there is no need take public transport or travel by car to other towns to get your daily meals and necessities. Sloane Residences fit into the criteria of being near to supermarkets and grocery stores. For example, Sloane Residences condo is located near to Cold Storage Chancery Court, Cold Storage Alocassia Apartment and Cold Storage Orchard Hotel. There is also a Fairprice Finest at Scotts Square for your consideration as well.

Sloane Residences Freehold Development Capital Preserved

It is noted that Sloane Residences is a freehold development that is located right in the heart of Orchard. Comparatively to leasehold developments, Sloane Residences is a freehold development that is able to protect the value and the valuation will not drop over the age of the development due to lease ending. Freehold developments has always been thought as the way to protect your capital reserves and to invest at a good mortgage rate. Sloane Residences fits this requirement of able to retain your property value due to its freehold tenure statues and the good location in the city ensures that this is fulfilled as well.

Sloane Residences Showflat Types and Layouts

The showflat for Sloane Residences Showflat will be available for viewing soon. There are different layouts at the development for your consideration. The showflat will have interior designs such as furniture as well as electronics and wallpaper instilled to let buyers have a feel of the space available once they have gotten the keys to their unit. Sloane Residences Types and Layouts will come with many fittings such as wardrobe, aircon, flooring and kitchen cabinets that is completed in the unit. The showflat will showcase different layouts for investment and own stay purposes.

Stamp Duty Increase for 2nd Property Owners

It is note that there is an increase in stamp duty for 2nd property owners. The stamp duty has increased from 7{4e8395d227c83016aebfd66ab2777c7bce00f19bfc6d9014b06b1cbc31b596d5} to 12{4e8395d227c83016aebfd66ab2777c7bce00f19bfc6d9014b06b1cbc31b596d5} for 2nd property owners and this has caused many buyers to look into core city centre condos that is of freehold tenure. The reason is that buyers are now more hesitant to commit to a 2nd investment property that is of 99 years leasehold development as the upfront payment is very high and leasehold developments tend to depreciate over time. A core city centre condo such as Sloane Residences will help investors retain their property value over time and therefore will be a better investment choice. Also with the new introduction of the total debt to service ratio of 60{4e8395d227c83016aebfd66ab2777c7bce00f19bfc6d9014b06b1cbc31b596d5}, there is now a loan restriction on buyers who are looking for properties. 1st timers loan are also now restricted to 75{4e8395d227c83016aebfd66ab2777c7bce00f19bfc6d9014b06b1cbc31b596d5} of the property value and therefore developments of a lower quantum are now preferred by investors.

Sloane Residences Tiong Seng Holdings and Ocean Sky International

A wonderful and unique lifestyle awaits you at Sloane Residences Tiong Seng Holdings right in the heart of Balmoral Road. Please see Sloane Residences site plan and floor plans for more information.